Healthy Coffee from Boquete Geisha beans infused with organic herbs for good health

This YouTube video explains why Sisel Kaffe is such healthy coffee. Three factors contribute to the rich flavor and health benefits; #1 Premium quality geisha coffee beans from Panama, #2 Gentle Infrared roasting that preserves the natural antioxidants, and #3 Additional healthy organic herbs.

Tom Mower Sr. introduces Sisel Kaffe - Healthy Coffee

Tom Mower (founder & president of Sisel International) has been manufacturing products for more than 30 years; he has one of the largest manufacturing plants in the world that produces high-performance dietary supplements and personal care products. Tom's mission has always been to take the latest in science and to develop the most highly advanced powerful toxin-free products possible. In a world where most products are pretty ordinary Sisel products are extraordinarily powerful and effective.

Back in mid-2013 Tom looked into making coffee. You might think that there's not much to coffee but actually there are a lot of things involved with coffee that can make it a sensationally delicious tasting coffee. And now it can be healthy as well. When he looked into the coffee production industry and saw what they were doing he was alarmed to discover that some types of coffee are not good for you, especially when the beans are over roasted. Many of the naturally good antioxidant properties of coffee are destroyed and the over roasted beans can actually become harmful to the human body. So as Tom continued his research he looked into the very best technology that was available to gently cook the coffee rather than roast it crispy. He purchased an infrared coffee roaster that can cook coffee to perfection. It enables you to bring it right to the point of where it is delicious tasting.

Premium Quality Coffee Beans from PanamaHealthy coffee beans from Panama are used in Sisel Kaffe

The type of coffee bean used also has a big impact on the flavor and health benefits. There are about 20 different grades of coffee bean, ranging from very bitter and high caffeine to the very best that comes from Panama. In particular, the Panamanian Boquete Geisha coffee bean has been rated as the most flavorful in the world for 12 consecutive years. It's one of the most expensive varieties available. So Tom decided to buy it directly from the farmers by-passing all of the six or eight middlemen involved in the coffee trading business.

Advanced Infrared Roasting Technology

Healthy coffee from Sisel's advanced infrared roasting technologyThese premium coffee beans are shipped to Sisel's manufacturing plant in the USA where they installed the most highly advanced infrared roasting equipment to cook the coffee to perfection. After the gentle roasting process a high percentage of the natural oils remain so the beans are cryogenically ground. Sisel lowers the temperature of the coffee beans to about 150 degrees below zero where even oil freezes. This enables the beans to be ground without having to cook them dry and crispy, just like toast or bacon that can become harmful for you. Well the same thing is true with coffee. But Tom is careful not to do that, Sisel's infrared roasting technology cooks the beans at a couple of hundred degrees less than coffee is generally roasted at.

Additional Healthy Ingredients

Now with all of those beautiful flavors and all the powerful antioxidants preserved they have produced truly healthy coffee. Scientific studies suggest that the antioxidant properties of coffee provide very powerful and effective support for the brain, the heart, and the liver, all of the organs in the body. Not satisfied with that Tom looked into adding other healthy ingredients. He discovered that Chaga mushroom extract is probably the most powerful ancient health remedy. Many so called "healthy coffees" on the market employ Ganoderma mushroom extract and Ganoderma is good but Chaga is 100 times more powerful at supporting the body's immune system. Chaga is full of superoxide dismutase (SOD), which is an extremely important antioxidant produced by the human body itself. As the levels of SOD drop off, as we get older it's a good idea to supplement it. Chaga supplementation has been shown to be effective for anti-aging throughout the entire body.

Healthy coffee full of antioxidants and powerful herbs from Sisel KaffeSo having decided to add both Chaga and Ganoderma mushroom extracts to their healthy coffee but Sisel didn't stop there. Tom Mower continued to research other ingredients that would further enhance the health benefits of Sisel Kaffe. He selected Bacopa a traditional Indian ingredient, which has remarkable antioxidant properties, being especially good for the brain. Then Tom decided to add the Gotu Kola herb because it's so good for the whole cardiovascular system and the immune system.

Finally, Sisel had four very powerful ingredients to add to their already healthy coffee to make it what they believe is by far the world's healthiest coffee but with the Panama Boquete Geisha coffee beans it's also the most flavorful in the world.



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